Meet our 2018 Challenge Winners!


Sana Health

Sana is a neuromodulation mask that uses auditory, visual stimulation and HRV feedback loop, for inducing sleep and reducing pain.

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Pacifica Health

Based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness, Pacifica brings evidence-based practices to a consumer-first platform.

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External Pain Management

Sagely Naturals

We use non-psychoactive compounds from hemp (CBD,) to provide a fresh approach to pain and inflammation relief using natural ingredients.

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VitaScan's rapid and mobile finger-stick blood test platform enables personalized and proactive nutrition health care.

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Skin and Sun Protection

Huna Natural Apothecary Inc.

Huna Apothecary formulates and manufactures natural & organic high-performance and scientifically-based botanical skincare.

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