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Programs in Tokyo

Grants4Apps Tokyo was launched in 2016 as one of the new digital health initiatives from Bayer's G4A program established in Berlin in 2013. We run two types of programs: Grants and a data science competition.

Focus areas

  • Supporting patients along the patient journey (prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up),including medication adherence and monitoring
  • Data science


We make an open call for innovative digital technology solutions to various challenges related to life science. Applicants who pass the preliminary screening are invited to give a presentation on their solution at a final selection event, where the winners are awarded grants.

Data Science Challenge

Data Science Challenge is a competitive program aimed at increasing the accuracy of predictive models. We supply a set of data to contestants and challenge them to create a predictive model to predict a particularproblem. Awards are given to the top three data scientists who submit the most accurate predictions.

Featured startups

Grants4Apps Tokyo in numbers

The Tokyo program is young but with already great results from the first year only.

5 No. of startups accepted to the program
252 Community members
3 Meetups and events
1MJPY Investments

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