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G4A Milan Incubation program was launched in 2017. As one of the new Digital health power initiatives from Bayer’s G4A program that was successfully first launched in Berlin in 2013 and with Meetups and website being active in Italy since 2015. We have 2 types of programs running: G4ALab Incubator and Meetup meetings. We are open for any healthcare and AgTech topics and will give special attention to Bayer-relevant focus areas.

Focus areas

Digital lifesciences – AgTech, Digital health and Animal health.

G4ALab Incubator

The incubation program includes: 100 incubation days in the "Bayer Innovation Lab", within the Bayer headquarters in Milan. For selected startups in addition to coworking spaces , a rich mentorship program with the company's top managers and external coaches, Microsoft hardware and software tools, the official partner of the G4ALab . A unique opportunity to live the corporate reality of a multinational.

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G4A Milan in numbers

It’s been quite a ride in our Milan programs already. Take a look at some most interesting facts about G4A Milan!

50m2 Office space size
3 No. of startups accepted to the 2017 program
645 Community members
5 Meetups and events

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