G4A Programs

We are always looking for the best health tech talent to support and grow.

35 Countries
80+ Startups
€260m+ total valuation

In the last 5 years, not only have we brought our approach to many other countries, we’ve developed programs like our G4A Accelerator, programs to strike deals with leading innovators through our Dealmaker, and offered places to work and network. For us, every program and chapter unlocks its unique potential by focusing on different topics and markets.

What do our programs all have in common? It’s simple: striving to accelerate and support you in creating the best and most innovative solutions in health & care available today.

There are a few different ways how we support innovative startups entering our programs:

  • Workspace
  • Mentorship
  • Meetups and networking opportunities
  • Access to Bayer experts
  • Financial awards
  • Promotion
  • Partnerships
  • Bayer as your customer (Dealmaker and Generator programs for mature companies and startups)

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We host our health tech Meetups around the globe so you can network with other great people interested in the same area. You never know where a life changing contact or a piece of knowledge and experience awaits. :) Check out when there is one coming up in your area.