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Published 2 months ago

In this age of the Digital Revolution, startups have become a major source of inspiration and innovation, employing emerging technologies, creating new products and reinventing business models. Not surprisingly, corporations now habitually look to them to nurture innovations from entrepreneurial ventures. Bayer is no exception. 

Since 2013, Bayer G4A (formerly Grants4Apps) has committed to Changing the Experience of Health (in a Digital World). To achieve this mission, we engage with the brightest minds both inside and outside the organization, identifying emerging trends and needs at the intersection of humans and technology and transform these into executable business opportunities for Bayer. We connect with startups, young companies & the global digital health ecosystem. We crystallize the trends we identify from consumers, patients, healthcare professionals and startups into clear business opportunities and relevance for Bayer. We create new business and investment opportunities through Human Centred Venture Design! 

For our external partners and the innovation community, G4A offers support to startups and companies developing innovative solutions by providing: co-working space; mentors and experts to guide companies with business development; financial support from equity to licensing to acquisition; and extensive networking opportunities. 

With our goal always top of mind, we run programsfocused on both fresh startups that are in growth phase as well as established, innovative companies with products in market. 

Over 140 startups have participated from all around the world with exciting results. Recent alum include those focused on supporting research, like Agamon (Israel) who transforms unstructured data into accessible and standardized knowledge, and Cyclica (Canada), a cloud platform that uses AI and biophysics to accelerate drug development. S-There Technologies (Spain) are addressing prevention with their creation of a smart device that analyses of and provides insights on users’ health data. Zencorlabs (Germany) has smartphone software and device that uses AI to warn patients of heart failure. OME (UK) created a personalized health coaching platform that uses extensive data analyses to compile individualized health programs in order to prevent disease. And KinAptic (USA), are working on an accelerated learning system for VR stroke rehabilitation using electric stimulation that analyses and detects neural signals to stimulate nerves in stroke patients.

We are inspired by the amount of fresh ideas these (and all G4A alumni) have, and the enthusiasm with which they are working to Change the Experience of Health in partnership with G4A! 

Intrigued? You should be! Want to learn more? Catch us on the floor or in the Treehouse at SLUSH on 04.12-05.12, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Twitter @grants4apps.


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